Nainital Lake

Naini Lake Nainital Lake, famously known as Naini Lake is the major attraction of Naintal town as well of Uttarakhand. Surrounded by panoramic seven hills, Nainitallake is a favourite spot among romantic travellers around the world. It is one of the most visited lakes in India Naini Lake during night: The lake becomes more beautiful and mesmerizing during night. Though boating is prohibitted during night, but one can see the reection of small lights of hotels and restaurants twinkling like milky way. Nainital Lake History Nainital Lake nds mention in a Hindu scripture SkandaPuran as ‘TririshiSarovar’. This name refers to great sages of old times who meditate here. These sages were Atri, Pulastya and Pulaha. A hole dug by these sages soon got lled by water and known as TririshiSarovar or Nainital Lake.

Bhimtal Lake

Bhimtal – The glittering lake city Bhimtal is a lake city named after Bhima, the charismatic mythological character of Mahabharata. Revered for its aesthetic beauty, Bhimtal proudly sits at an altitude of 1,370 metres above sea level. This lake city is gaining popularity with each day as it is located in the vicinity of Nainital and features some of the stately hotels that are comparatively cheaper than that of Nainital. The lake is at a scenic spot with a small island at its centre on which there is a beautiful large aquarium which was previously a restaurant. Bhimtal affords splendid views and visual vistas of nature’s beauty. Bhimtal is well connected by roads and is a perfect destination to visit in any month.

In contrast to Nainital that is always bustling with activity and crowd, Bhimtal is more of an idyllic place which is less crowded. This scenic lakeside destination is a treat for the love birds as they can enjoy boating, paddling, birding, nature walks and adventurous trekking here. To make the aura divine, Bhimtal also nestles some of the holy temples where many devotees ock for paying obeisance. One of the prominent places of faith in Bhimtal is the 17th-century Bhimeshwar temple, showcasing its intricate architecture.

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